MemoryScale was created by David Xotera, an avid learner who has experienced first-hand the benefits of adaptive-learning. A graduate of Dartmouth College and MIT, David learned early-on that improving memory and recall requires more than just reading about or hearing something once; true learning requires repetition to instill long-term memory and recall. However, busy schedules and other distractions in life, work, and school often make it difficult for even the most disciplined learners to create and stick to a learning and memorization program.

So David created MemoryScale, an adaptive-learning tool that simplifies and automates the routine of learning for students, professionals, parents, tutors, and teachers. MemoryScale makes it easy to create, schedule, distribute, and measure learning and memorization plans so that learners can concentrate on what is important - learning and memorizing facts and concepts - and parents, tutors, and teachers can focus on the pedagogical priorities of the learning process. Lessons adapt automatically to performance so that learners concentrate on difficult facts and concepts while reviewing less frequently those that are well understood.

Individuals and professionals can use MemoryScale to stay sharp on important facts and develop expertise in new areas. For example, individuals can practice a new language, memorize faces and names, learn historical and geographical facts, review daily reminders, and more. Professionals can use MemoryScale to practice for certification exams, memorize important facts for work, and other applications specific to their needs.

Please contact David at if you have any questions or suggestions about MemoryScale.

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