Adaptive Learning for School, Work, and Life
Multi-user cloud learning platform that adapts as you or your students learn.

Improve Comprehension and Recall with MemoryScale.

  • Add up to 12 learners, 8 courses, 16 topics, and 8,000 facts and topics free
  • Personalize lessons for each learner - MemoryScale adapts as students learn
  • Study anywhere, anytime on any device with our mobile learning app
  • Learn collaboratively using our real-time discussion forums
  • Measure and analyze performance with our memorylytics engine
Winner, 2015 EDDIE Award for Educational Software
What is MemoryScale?

MemoryScale is an adaptive, cloud-based learning application that simplifies and automates the process of creating, scheduling, distributing, and tracking learning and memory plans. With MemoryScale, you define personalized memory plans for up to 12 learners, 8 courses, 16 topics, and 8,000 facts for free. Lessons recur at intervals you define to accommodate each individual's lifestyle and learning objectives. MemoryScale adaptively optimizes lessons as students learn by prioritizing the most-challenging facts and concepts while deemphasizing those that are well understood. Real-time discussion fora and analytics round out MemoryScale’s capabilities and further enhance the learning experience for you or those you teach.

Who Should Use MemoryScale?
Why Use MemoryScale?

Instill facts and concepts quickly through adaptive repetition

  • Create recurring multimedia memorycasts using text, images, and video for yourself or entire groups of users
  • Define hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and even custom schedules that adapt to learning performance

Scale from 1 to 10s of learners with our mobile cloud platform

  • MemoryScale’s mobile cloud platform allows you to create and distribute memorycasts to one or more users anytime, anywhere
  • Our online portal allows you easily to add users, topics, courses, and schedule recurring memorycasts to virtually any number of users

Track and improve performance with our memorylytics engine

  • Use MemoryScale’s memorylytics engine to track and measure performance of learners as they study
  • Monitor loading and usage, and analyze learning performance to identify areas for improvement
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